This worldbank data interface an attempt to show where the world is heading.

Or rather where the world has been heading for the past 50 years.

It looks at a number of coherent, topline metrics available from the phenomenal worldbank data source

and visualises them in a focussed and intuitive way to understand the world's course a little better.

It does so by providing a summary, development-trends and some specific explorations.

The summary gives us an overview of what levels of growth countries have seen throughout the past half-century.

The trends show the 30 most complete and meaningful metrics from the source data and how they developed per country.

The display is split by the Human development index, categorising countries according to their development level.

This allows comparison of for example highly developed countries with countries of hitherto low development.

You can view the data as line and bar graphs as well as in table form, or download it for further use.

The explore display picks out interestingly correlated variables and shows how they relate in a scatter plot.

You can also watch the dynamics change over the course of time focussing on all countries or only a subset.

Finally, the chart-builder lets you view each metric individually and allows splitting the trends by gender where available.